PURIZE® ~ Xtra Slim Activated carbon filter ORGANIC ~ (250 pieces)

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Nice, super nice, PURIZE®. The colored activated charcoal filters are super nice in a resealable and stable stand-up pouch.


  • Content: 100x organic Xtra Slim Size activated carbon filter from PURIZE®
  • Dimensions: ø 5,9 mm x 26.9 mm
  • Filling: activated charcoal based on coconut
  • Packaging: resealable stand-up pouches

The PURIZE® Activated Carbon Filters enable a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experiencewhich is easy on your lungs!

Since both end caps are made of ceramic, there are no insertion or screw-in direction to be observed.
PURIZE® filters are suitable for all types of roll-your-own.

Should you have filters for extra strong draft and prefer proper shooting material, you can find at Goodvibe also the PURIZE® Regular size Activated carbon filter.

The high-quality coconut-based activated carbon is sustainably produced in Germany from environmentally conscious raw materials.

Good to know: Activated charcoal, also known as medicinal charcoal (Latin: Carbo medicinalis), is porous, fine-grained carbon with a large internal surface. The adsorbent is used, among other things, in chemistry, medicine, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and ventilation and air conditioning technology.