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For SWEED AG was founded in 2016 by the four partners Werner Bösch, Nicola Bösch, Nils Roos and Florian Joos. Since 2020, the entrepreneur and marketing expert Salina Grütter Bösch has also been on the management board and as co-owner of Sweed AG active. The company based in Stetten (AG) has been pursuing since it was founded under the slogan "HOME SWEED HOME“ the goal of producing high-quality Swiss cannabis in different product variants.


The five owners combine in-depth expertise in planting, growing and processing the raw material cannabis. You have been active in the market for several years and keep a close eye on market developments. The ongoing legalization of cannabis consumption in Switzerland and the ever-widening recognition of the plant as an alternative remedy are continuously increasing the market potential. 

The long-term goal of SWEED AG is to develop a pioneering position in the Swiss market by specializing in sustainable CBD products. The main focus is on the production of CBD products for smoking and the production of medicinal CBD oil that can be legally purchased in Switzerland.

SWEED -Swiss weed


Our CBD hemp, sold in select locations and online, is 100% made in Switzerland. The quality and purity of the hemp is our top priority, which we guarantee from the very first minute through our manual cultivation.



We rely on taste
and beautifully bright
Cannabis with possible
little chlorophyll for one
ideal taste experience.



The whole plant is hung up in the drying room to dry, after which the flowers are finely reworked by hand.

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We guarantee that two to three weeks before harvest, the plants will only be watered with pure water in order to eliminate as much fertilizer residue as possibleminihonor.



We don't use sprays. Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are taboo for us.

100% renewable electricity

100% electricity

We work exclusively with 100% renewable electricity

Until the finely scented and ready-packaged Super Silver Haze top flowers or Sweed Lemon When CBD flowers end up in the hands of the customer, they go through a multi-stage cycle.

They take the first step in this direction in a state-of-the-art grow facility. There, the mother plants ensure that cuttings are produced and sent to the flowering phase a short time later. During this time, under optimal conditions, distinctive cannabis plants are created, which at the end of the process are lovingly picked, processed and packaged by hand. Once the products are finished and ready to ship, takes over goodvibe the logistical tasks and shipping for Sweed. The packages will be sent as quickly as possible and with a pinch from the time of ordering goodvibe packed and delivered.

Our Products

  • Free delivery from CHF 99.-
  • Shipping in 24h-48h. Purchase on invoice.
  • Always fresh goods.

Our wholesale partners

goodvibe the

The wholesaler goodvibe is logistics, IT and sales partner. The collaboration of Sweed and goodvibe dates back to the founding of both companies. The close friendship between the founders grew into a strong partnership, which to this day forms a unique and successful symbiosis.

Sweed focuses on producing high quality flowers and goodvibe on professional sales in all possible channels. at goodvibe. Ch you will find in addition to our range of head shop items, Snus and E-Cigarettes like Eleven Bar.

Hemag Nova AG

In 1983 the cornerstones of the companies Werners Head Shop and Hemag Nova were laid. The cohesion of the two founders and friends Werner (Werners Head Shop) and Heinz (Hemag Nova) lasted for years. What started as a gift shop and t-shirt trade has developed into a well-known lifestyle company.

Hemag Nova AG is one of the leading wholesale companies in Switzerland. In addition, she operates several online shops and sends tens of thousands of packages per year.

Werner's Head Shop

The Werners Head Shop was founded in 1983 by Werner and Marcel Bösch and in 2021 the management was handed over to the second generation by Nicola Bösch. With five stores, it is one of the most successful franchises in Switzerland. In every branch are ours Sweed products available.


In May 2016, a small shop called SMOKEE opened in Lucerne's Neustadt - your steam goods shop, which was to become a popular meeting place for all kinds of pleasure smokers and vapers. Vapers with their fat mods and home-made coils found all their favorite products here, as did the hookah connoisseur and the CBD grower. And beginners could get advice here with which they themselves soon shone as professionals. In every branch are ours Sweed products available.

Tamar Head Shop

The Tamar Headshop in Winterthur is now an integral part of Winterthur's old town. Since 1997, hemp and tobacco lovers of all kinds have been able to browse and expand their accessories in our two shops. In every branch are ours Sweed products available.