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Laboratory analysis

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SWEED Laboratory analysis


CBD and THC content

Sweed values ​​quality, which is why we have our CBD analyzed regularly by the certified laboratory The laboratory tests our products for their CBD and THC content. This is how we ensure that everything is of the highest quality standard.


We do not use any pesticides in cultivation, our products are 100% pesticide-free. You want to be sure? We get it, that's why we still have the CBD tested for pesticides.

You can see the results for our CBD here - because transparency and your satisfaction are important to us!


Super Silver Haze

Sweed Lemon

MCT coconut oil SWEED (10%CBD <0.5%THC)

MCT coconut oil SWEED (20%CBD <0.9%THC)

terpene analysis Super Silver Haze

terpene analysis Sweed Lemon

Hashtronaut 4g