Real Leaf ~ Pineapple-Express nicotine-free tobacco substitute ~ 20g

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The nicotine- and tobacco-free herbal blends Pineapple Express with cannabis flavor from Realleaf guarantee a completely new smoking experience without a guilty conscience.


  • Content: 20g
  • Quality level: 100% organic
  • Taste: pineapple
  • Specials: 100% nicotine and tobacco free

RealLeaf Mango Kush are nicotine- and tobacco-free herbal mixtures (Tobacco substitute) which have been enriched with cannabis terpenes (Pineapple Express). The terpenes increase the taste of the cannabis. In contrast to conventional tobacco, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Very pleasant smoking experience without chemicals
  • Rolling joints without tobacco: A dream for anyone who wants to do without nicotine
  • RealLeaf can also be smoked straight.

RealLeaf was founded in 2012. The goal from the start was to have a less harmful alternative on tobacco and cigarette consumption.

RealLeaf is now one of the leading companies in the production of high quality tobacco and nicotine free herbal blends. Made by hand, RealLeaf impresses with its fine texture and great taste

RealLeaf is an absolute top product for us and offers another one Alternative to that Reduce smoking without having to give it up entirely. For Goodvibe clearly a «smart smoking solution».



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