Sweed Lemon Standard quality 2g

CHF 10.00

Standard buds from our budget crop.

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Sweed Lemon


  • 80% Sativa 20% Indica
  • CBD: 17% THC: 0.9%
  • Taste: Sweet and lemony
  • Price: 2 g – 10.- / 10 g – 45.-
  • cultivation: Indoor, little chlorophyll, watered purely in the last three weeks, dried gently, ideal residual moisture
  • Quality: Large, resinous, light flowers. From the side shoots of the plant we get the flowers for the standard quality. We screen these so that we can guarantee a standard size.


Sweed Lemon is the third variety of the brand Sweed. Sweed relies on taste and beautifully light CBD cannabis flowers. The taste of the CBD flowers is sweet and lemony. Similar in taste Sweed "Sweed Lemon“ the THC weed but compared to ours Super Silver Haze a rather gentle touch.

Sweed relies on taste and beautifully light cannabis with as little chlorophyll as possible for an ideal taste experience.

Sweed guarantees that the plants are only watered with pure water 2-3 weeks before harvest so that all fertilizer residues are eliminibe ered.

Gently dried with the ideal residual moisture so that you can grind it well with your fingers in an emergency.

Cultivated here in Switzerland under the highest quality standard and cleanliness. We do not use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

Legal / Disclaimer

Sweed is a tobacco substitute product made from low-THC cannabis flowers (<1% THC) which has been tested by the Federal Office of Public Health and is officially approved for sale in Switzerland. The product is 100% natural and contains neither tobacco nor nicotine. We do not use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.


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