Hashtronaut Zero Zero 4g

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From zero to hero!
The Hashstronaut is back from his space trip... In his luggage: The best pollen he could find. The result: a new CBD hash from the house Sweed! Enjoyment and a clean slate are guaranteed! A small step towards legalization and a big step towards CBD enjoyment.
  • Content: 4 grams 
  • Price: 24.90
  • Quality: Indoor 
  • Taste: sweet, floral
  • Consistency: Finest pollen hash
  • Content: 0.95% THC < 35% CBD
  • Swiss Indoor Hashish. Plant-based products without tobacco.

1 review for Hashtronaut Zero Zero 4g

  1. Sladana Doslov (Verified owner) -

    I think it has the perfect consistency and tastes great too!

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