Sasso ~ Hash ~ Organic Tobacco ~ 25g

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The Sasso tobacco is aimed at the gourmet tobacco lover. From the certified ecological cultivation to the finest processing of the rolling tobacco, the highest quality standards are observed. This is how the most popular type of tobacco from Brazil came about.

Sasso's "Hash" rolling tobacco is the lightest tobacco in the Sasso line. With its mild and neutral taste, it is very beneficial to smoke. No annoying scratchy throat. The quality of the tobacco is immediately apparent thanks to its fine texture. The fine cut of the "Hash" is so light because only the best sections of the tobacco plant are used for further processing. An authentic smoking experience, without unnecessary and unnatural additives.

The "hash" is also perfect for rolling together with CBD or THC, as thanks to its mild aroma and pleasant smoking behavior the mixture retains its important cannabis taste.

Sasso "Hash" is a gentle and balanced burning tobacco and is 100% natural, without additives (additive free) and organically produced.

  • Content: 25g
  • Strength: mild
  • 100% natural and organic
  • without additives (additive free)
  • Optimal for mixing with cannabis - mild, neutral, fine!
  • The ZipLock packaging keeps the tobacco fresh and retains the flavor in the tobacco.

Sasso Tobacco is manufactured in Brazil and sold exclusively by goodvibe imported into Switzerland.

Absolute premium quality at a reasonable price.