Royal Kush 5gr

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With the Royal Kush we only have one pack size and no Premium or Standard but both categories in one bag.

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Royal Kush



  • 30% Sativa 70% Indica
  • CBD: 16% THC: 0.8%
  • Taste: sweet, flowery with a hint of citrus
  • Price: 5gr – 24.90.-
  • cultivation: Indoor, little chlorophyll, watered purely in the last three weeks, dried gently, ideal residual moisture
  • Quality: Large, resinous, light flowers. We screen these so that we can guarantee a standard size.


Once upon a time, fine tobacco products from distant countries were reserved for the nobility. Nowadays, this pleasure is available to everyone and is still produced in Switzerland. With the Royal Kush, which has its origins in the Hindu Kush mountains in Central Asia, pleases Sweed for royal relaxation. With the pronounced body high, every sofa becomes a four-poster bed.

Sweed is a tobacco substitute product made from low-THC cannabis flowers (<1% THC) which has been tested by the Federal Office of Public Health and is officially approved for sale in Switzerland. The product is 100% natural and contains neither tobacco nor nicotine. We do not use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.


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